Equestrian Rules for the Road

The following are policies and procedures pertaining to the conduct of equestrians when riding outside the bounds of the Equestrian Center and to the conduct of members, guests, employees, vendors, and contractors when encountering horses and riders on the roads and trails of Oldfield.

I. Equestrian Center Riders

 A. The primary trail system is indicated on the attached map, along with alternate paths. Alternate routes are sometimes needed for the following reasons:

1) Primary trail is too wet for safe riding.
2) Riders request to shorten the ride
3) Guide determines ride must be shortened for the safety of the riders
4) Nuisance biting insects – Some days the bugs are such a nuisance it is not enjoyable for riders or horses to enter the woods. Riding outside the woods is safer and more pleasurable on these days.

B.  Boarders ride these same routes on their own horses with some exceptions. Boarders, who are more experienced riders, are often looking for places where they may trot or canter their horses for conditioning purposes. Currently, there are only two stretches on the trail where this possible due to the roughness of the trail in some areas. The map also indicates some areas where boarders may trot or canter their horses for conditioning purposes.
C. Riders are RESTRICTED to Oldfield trails, easements and common properties and must avoid resident lawns or common properties in front of homes that have been professionally landscaped.
D.  Horse manure is required to be picked up from the roads, sidewalks and in manicured grass areas. Horse droppings are not required to be picked up from the trail or in wooded areas. Droppings will be picked up as soon as is possible and in conclusion of the trail ride.
E. Riders must stay off the asphalt wherever possible.

II. Member, Guest, Employee, Vendor, Contractor Responsibilities

A. Drivers, bicyclists and strollers should slow down when they approach or are about to pass horses to avoid a startle reaction from the horse which could potentially unseat a novice rider.
B. When approaching horses on or about to cross the bridge on Oldfield Way, all drivers, bicyclists and strollers must stop and wait until all horses are over the bridge and off of the road before proceeding.
C. Oldfield residents should report neglected droppings to the Equestrian Center staff.
D. Trail guides and all Equestrian Center staff receive direction only from Oldfield Club Management therefore any questions or concerns regarding these policies or the conduct of any trail ride should be addressed to management. Harassment of riders and staff will not be tolerated per club rules and subject to Oldfield Residents compliance committee review.

The Oldfield Equestrian Center is open to all Oldfield Club members and their guests. The Equestrian Center conducts trail rides and riding lessons for all ages by reservation. Several weeklong and three-day camps are offered for children during the summer months. In addition, offsite rides, including beach rides, are offered occasionally. More advanced riders are offered the opportunity to participate in horse shows, hunter paces, and fox hunts. Inquiries should be directed to Sarah Molesky at the Equestrian Center. She can be reached at 843-645-2015.

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