Mail Delivery at Oldfield


The US Postal Service delivers mail to box areas at the Greeters Store, Lakeside and Arrowhead Pavilions.

As soon as you are ready to begin receiving mail at you Oldfield address, please stop by the Greeters Store to pick your keys. The staff will help you to locate your mail box. 

Your mailing address will be your physical/street address. Only USPS will deliver to your box. All other deliveries (FedEx, UPS, etc.) will be made directly to your home. (mailing address example: Oldfield Club, 130 Oldfield Way, Okatie, SC 29909). 

If you have any questions regarding your property address, the staff at the Greeters Store, Membership Office or Clubhouse Front Desk will be glad to assist you.

Access to the mail boxes at the Greeters Store is during regular retail hours or entrance from the rear of the store 24/7. Mail boxes at Lakeside and Arrowhead are accessible 24/7 with an individual access code as well.

If a mail box key is lost, please contact the staff at the Greeters Store. Replacement keys take 2 to 3 days by a staff member and are $15. You also have the option to make additional keys on your time, but we ask that you return the master keys or result in replacing the lock at the homeowner's expense.

Also please note that mail box keys should be passed along if ownership of the property changes.

All address changes, holds placed on mail delivery, etc. should be handled directly with the US Postal Service.


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