In order to register you will need to be an authorized user of the website. The Registration Steps walk you through the process. Each member of the household will need to register separately as some options on the website are specific to each individual.

Privacy is a top priority for us. Our privacy principles are outlined on the Privacy tab of the website.

Use either your last name, or if unsuccessful, use the last name of the head of the household. If your first name is not shown, do not be concerned. One benefit of this registration process is to update the Website resident information database. Just click on "My Name is NOT on this list" if you do not see your first name and proceed with registration.

Your email address is required in order for us to communicate with you about events in the community or concerning the website. Please enter one email for each user. If you want to add other members of the household, please create additional users at Step 5 of the Registration Steps.

Please create your own personalized Login ID and Password. They are not case sensitive.
We suggest that you use a Login ID and Password that are easy for you to remember.

If you are unable to register, please notify the contact person listed. There can be many reasons for this, and they are normally quickly resolved.

This website has an online Resident Directory. Privacy is a top priority at Neighborhood Publications, Inc. We have a strict privacy policy. In order to protect your privacy the following steps have been taken:

1. The Directory is password protected
2. Users will only be able to see one resident's address and telephone number one at a time so they cannot print out lists of residents
3. Use of the Directory information for marketing purposes is strictly forbidden
4. The data is seeded so we will know if anyone is violating this rule
5. If you are ever concerned that someone is illegally misusing the data, please let us know
6. Each resident will be able to decide if they do not want their data displayed

You will see your name and address. If the information you see is not correct, please take a moment to update it and changes will be made to the database immediately. There is no need for concern if the name & address data is not initially listed correctly. One of the benefits of this website is that it will allow us to keep your directory as up-to-date as possible and correct any inaccurate information. Please note that the directory listing information below should be for the person(s) actually living at the residence whether they own or rent the residence.
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